Assassins of the Spoon

Straight from Wikipedia: "Assassin (also Gotcha, Assassins, KAOS (Killing as organized sport), Juggernaut, Battle Royal, Paranoia, Killer, Elimination, or Circle of Death) is a live-action game. Players try to eliminate each other from the game using mock weapons in an effort to become the last surviving player."

Assassins of the Spoon is an app that facilitates the Assassins game. At the time of creating this project, most games were hosted via spreadsheets and Facebook groups. There were a few paid apps that would give a web interface to the game where you had to pay per player. However, I did not think that people should have to pay for the app, so I decided to put together a prototype of the service.
I was going to continue development on this app, but I decided to abandon it after I got a rough prototype working.

Several years later, there are other services/source code that will host the game for free. This was just my implementation back in 2011.

Also a major inspiration to generating this code was to use my SMS experience (see my GMS project) to implement text functionality.


A C++ daemon would handle the SMS traffic. A website would handle all administration actions (i.e. start/stop game, register, join games, etc). Both clients would access the same MySQL database.

If you're looking for a more up-to-date Assassins game, see Ian Sibner's project.