Group Messaging Service (GMS)

GMS is a texting service for connecting groups of people through the SMS protocol without the hassle of "reply-all" or "mike says: xxxxxx". The GMS daemon handles everything to give the group a seemless SMS chatroom. It came to me when I was organizing a party with my friends; and even though I\'ve been dreaming of this service for many occurances (such as meeting at McDonalds :P), it finally hit me how I should implement it!

Edit: I have realized about another service GroupMe which has been handling SMS group chats for a long time. Their service is seamless and a lot more supported than mine haha! However, this project was a big learning experience for myself and also is an open source GroupMe-like project!

The process is simple:

You now have a "texting chatroom" in which no one has to remember to "reply-all" or put their name in to let everyone know who it is. All of this with the simplicity of SMS, but achieving the "reply-all" functionality of MMS.

Currently, the service only supports these carriers:

Detailed Explanation
So now for the run down of how everything works.
At first I was trying to accomplish this through GMail as they had the feature, but only shortly after did I realize that Google\'s mail daemon would not let me spoof my outgoing mail, and therefore not let me send mail from a email on my original account. This was unacceptable.
After talking to some people and asking a question on ServerFault, it was brought to my attention that Sendmail and many other mail daemons support this feature by default! So I configured my program for and it service runs completely through my server.
My server is a FreeBSD VPS and the mailserver I\'m using is Sendmail. By default, FreeBSD uses Sendmail which has the feature enabled by default. So this was great, no configuration or installing programs!

You can find the source code at the github project. It\'s very simple, mainly because I\'m using /n Software\'s "IP*Works!" library for C++ which let\'s me work with POP and SMTP without any trouble at all. You do have to purchase this library however, but I do have a hookup for a master collection of the library so shoot me a message for more info.
The daemon doesn\'t take in account for all possibilities as it needs fine tuning and much testing across different carriers, so don\'t be too scrutinous! Let me know if you have any suggestions/constructive criticism!