LED Heart Shirt

Every year the Society of Women Engineers chapter at University of Florida hosts a Mr. Engineer pageant. In 2012, I decided I had some extra time and nominated myself to be in the pageant.

After getting in and getting my SWE mentor, Dani van der Merwe, I found out that the theme of the pageant was Sweetheart as the day of the pageant was near Valentine's Day.

The pageant had Casual, Formal, and Talent sections. It was recommended that the casual wear was themed to your engineering field. Since it was Sweetheart themed and I'm an electrical/computer engineer, I figured that a beating LED heart shirt was perfect!

The shirt composed of an Arduino that was propped on a red ball cap to signify the brain. The arduino had wires traveling into the hat and into the back of my shirt.
These wires included power, ground, and IO wires. The power and ground wires came out of the front of the shirt to connect to a 9V battery that was placed near my heart.
The IO wires were wired to two MOSFETs that would turn on/off a set of LEDs each. There was a large heart set and a small heart set.

Some innovative wiring and soldering, and simple programming, the shirt would beat the heart when power was turned on! The shirt was a hit at the pageant!