About Me

Ever since I was young, my family knew I was an engineer at heart. I tore toys apart just to see how they work. I probed electrical outlets, automobile exhaust pipes, fish tanks, and more, merely because I was intrigued of their purposes.

It wasn't long until I found my passion in technology, specifically electricity and computers. As a young Windows-enthusiast, I found many bugs in software that I would have programmed differently had I been in those shoes. I wanted to be a computer scientist so I could develop these applications to their full potential. When I grew older, I realized that I truly like the create things in general, and not just the idea of programming code. So I decided that Software Engineering was right for me; I studied coding on the side of high school and developed a few small applications. However when I went to college at the University of Florida, I thought that I should get a more well-rounded education. I changed my major to Computer Engineering with a focus in Hardware. This way I would still learn the skills for developing software for embedded systems, but also learn about circuit designing, analysis, etc. Not too long into college, I figured that I should double-major in Electrical Engineering to get even more hardware experience.
I'm graduated in May 2013, with my two Bachelor's of Science degrees in Electical Engineering and Computer Engineering (with a focus in Hardware). I am also currently pursuing my Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees at University of Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University respectively.

On the software side of things, I know C, C++, Java, Android, Python, PHP, VHDL, SQL, and JavaScript.

You can view the projects page to learn about some of the things I work on. Alternatively, head over to the contact page to inquire any further information.